Strategic Planning

A comprehensive and collaborative process to define the essential strategies and initiatives needed to fulfill your mission and vision. Designed for flexible and timely improvement and updating.

  • Understanding the Context: Defining the organization’s and external market’s environment and opportunities.
  • Choosing the Future: Defining the high-level objectives for what the organization aspires to—and can—accomplish.
  • Setting the Course: Defining specific strategic initiatives/activities that support the objectives.
  • Capacity and Organization Concerns: Budget perspectives, board governance, and other issues as needed to ensure leadership and resource alignment.

Strategic Focus and Organizational Ambition

An articulation of your organization’s core and distinguishing purpose. Why the organization is relevant and valuable to its audiences and how it wishes to be perceived by those audiences.

  • Statement of Strategic Intent (a blending of mission and vision)
  • Value Proposition
  • Noble Purpose

Performance Measurement

Measuring the financial and mission-based success of the organization.

  • Traditional financial sustainability metrics.
  • Innovative qualitative measures of the impact of your efforts and progress toward your objectives.
  • Training management and Board on how best to use these measures.

Strategic Membership and Admissions Plans and Pricing

Leveraging 20-years of membership management experience to optimize the your primary “financial point of contact” with the general public.

  • Membership and admission strategies and objectives.
  • Analysis of membership benefit bundling, pricing, and costs.
  • Admission pricing and implications on attendance and revenue.
  • Financial modeling.

CuSP creates tools to guide the strategic investment of resources, focus decision-making, and measure results